Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Please come with open heart, mind and spirit here, it is not a conventional hotel, its all nature on beach and with this comes, its plus and minus.

Our place is not advisable for families with children and old family members due to our experience, that, they are the most critical of our place for reasons best known to them.

If you do not like dogs, then this is not a place for you. We have few dogs and all dogs are vaccinated and healthy.

Not all people like our place because, its much nature and a very quite place, no noise here and no crowd. expecting Nirvana Nature as a happening and party place will be deceiving.

We are a peaceful place with peaceful mind and we expect, like minded guest. If you have difficulty to live in nature place, we do not suggest, that, our place for you.

What is there, is in front of you in photos.

We are Nirvana Nature on Nirvana beach and we are not Nirvana Cafe on Om beach, we are 2 different places, with different management, different beach and not on Om or Kudle or Half Moon beach.

From Om beach, you can reach by boat to Nirvana beach in 10 to 15 minutes. Boat people, auto and Taxi drivers will try to confuse you, that, there is no Nirvana beach and no Nirvana Nature. 

To reach our place, you need to get down at Kumta bus stop or train station and take an auto Rickshaw, which charges 250 Rupees for 12 km, they will drop you to our doorstep. 

Bus also drops, you, near our place on main road but then you need to walk via Nirvana trail for 7 minutes.

Reach Kagal village from Kumta, tell the bus driver, that you wants to go Nirvana beach, they will drop you to the nearest place to our place, then walk 7 minutes and you will arrive.


This is Nirvana beach

Only those guest, who likes nature, simple life and quietness, likes our place, others do not

Pl do not come here, if you have problem to be alone and have worries of security

trackers from Kumta to Gokarna landing at Nirvana beach 

Nirvana Nature is a very quite place right on Nirvana beach, with hundreds of trees (fruits and other), water plants, medicinal plants, ! You can carry water plants from here to your home and garden !

To reach here- from where ever you are arriving, first reach to Kumta town and the take a bus
or auto rickshaw till Kagal village Kannada shala bus stop, walk towards beach direction 1500 meters and you will find Nirvana Nature on Nirvana beach.

Google map direction- type- Nirvana Nature Nursery and water plant research center and you will reach till our door step.

Only between November till April- From sea side its 15 minutes boat ride from Om beach of Gokarna till Nirvana beach and 5 minutes from Paradise beach, 10 minutes from Half Moon beach, 20 Minutes from Gokarna and Kudle beach !!!

Murudeshwar is 50 Km on right and Gokarna is 40 km on left by car !

There is a short cut route from Om beach till Tadadi port, cross by ferry, the river Aghanashani and then 10 minute by bus to Nirvana beach.

Nirvana beach is good for jogging

You could come and stay here to study the various plants or simply to admire nature of the most green coast of Karnataka and India. Swimming in sea, 6 months in a year is a great pleasure on Nirvana beach.

What you see, that what, you will find here

Water is safe, most days, compare to other beaches, however, do not venture into sea, if you are not a great swimmer.

From Nirvana hill a birds eye view of Nirvana beach

Karnataka has 500 Km of sandy coastline and has the some of the most beautiful and safe beaches in India.

Sunset at Nirvana beach a real picture

Om beach and Kudle beach of Gokarna has become very commercial and crowded, so, Nirvana beach offers you perfect serenity  and much needed quite week end away from the hullabaloo of cities. 

Days are 30 Degree and nights are 20 Degree on an average day

A tree house at Nirvana Nature is right on beach to have a perfect place for sea view

Nirvana beach, Sand is white and water is blue

On a tree house 

All is very simple, no luxury but clean Nature cottage

We have 4 dogs here, if you do not like dogs, his place is not for you.

Plenty of parking place, right on beach under the shadow of trees

The Ocean at Nirvana beach

Camp fire on Nirvana beach


  1. Hi team can u share me the package for 2 adults staying for 2nights.

  2. Please call 81972-41040 Manjunath manager

  3. Hi can you let us knw about any package for 8-9 adults staying for 1 night.

    1. Pl call- 81972-41040 Manjunath manager, Nirvana Nature pl read blog for all photos and information!

  4. Pl call- 81972-41040 Manjunath manager, Nirvana Nature pl read blog for all photos and information!