Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Please go through the blog, read address and content carefully ! You will find the place, as what you see in photos.

We are right on beach. 

No refund will be done in case of reducing the period of stay . 

We are very clear about our policies and we expect our guest to know clearly about it.

Washrooms are common, but big and western style, with showers and fountains!  Kept clean all the time ! There are only few cottages with attached wash room, available on first booked first serve basis !

We do not need arguments and reasons.

What is there, is in front of you in photos.

We are on Nirvana beach and not on Om or Kudle or Half Moon beach.

To reach our place, you need to get down at Kumta bus stop or train station and take an auto Rickshaw, which charges 250 Rupees for 12 km. 

If you are coming from Bangalore, tell your bus driver in advance, that you will get down at Kumta bus stop only, because it easy and faster to reach here, from Kumta, rather then Gokarna bus stop.

Local bus also drops near our place from Kumta in direction of Kagal village on main road but then you need to walk via Nirvana trail for 7 minutes to the beach direction.

Reach Kagal village from Kumta, tell the bus driver, that you wants to go Nirvana beach, they will drop you to the nearest place to our place, then walk 7 minutes and you will arrive at Nirvana Nature.

Contact Kamal for stay in nature on Nirvana beach near Gokarna,

 Call- 00-91-74068-37496



1-Monsoon period starts from first week of June and lasts till mid Oct ! Other period its blue sky and sea is blue.

2- price per cottage is Rupees 999=00, extra guest will pay 499=00 in same room.

3- Toilets are common, but clean, wesetrn style and within 10 meters from cottages. 6 Toilets for 9 cottages. Solar plant supply hot water.

4- Monday to friday is good for those guests who like quiteness, Saturdays, Sundays and long week ends could be crowded.

Art and nature at Nirvana 

Antique-arts and Nature at Nirvana

Nature cottage

Beds with foam mattresses

Tree house

Nature cottage

Sitting area

Nirvana beach is situated, at south of Om beach of Gokarna, Karnataka, India.

This green, clean beach is very quite and reachable by boat from Om beach in 15 minutes, only in Mid Oct till April end, in Monsoon, this service is not available ! 

There is a shortcut route to reach from Gokarna, Om beach, Kudle beach till Nirvana beach, by crossing river Aghnashni, by a local ferry, service is between 8 am till evening 6 pm ! 

Reach at Tadadi port from Gokarna, at port ferry is available, it cost 5 Rupees to cross river by local ferry, other side many local buses are waiting to bring you till Kagal village and (10 minutes ride by bus) get down at Kgal village and walk to beach direction via Nirvana trail and in 7 minutes, you reach Nirvana Nature.

where as by car, bus and auto one can reach from Kumta (12km) town before Gokarna.

Kumta is on train and road route of Kerala 200 km and Goa 180 km.

For more information on Nirvana beach, call Kamal-00917406837496
or email-

Your car and small bus reach till Nirvana beach and plenty of parking is there

Plenty of place for camping on beach, toilets and drinking water is available

Yoga on Nirvana beach